Works on Paper

Original paintings, created on premium 100% archival paper, ranging from 140g. to 300g. Each work of art purchased is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity signed and sealed by artist.

Dancing Autumn



Coastal Snowflake-2

Coastal Snowflake-1

Midday Calm

Morning Bliss

Evening Glow

Morning Calm

Tropic Splendor

Purple Frost

Magenta Frost

Emerald Frost

Dance with Me

December Glow

Sand Storm

Morning Glow

Egyptian Nile

Sporadic Oceans

Over Miami Skies

Morning Fresh

Laguna Swim

Citrus Cherry Lushie

Always Miami

Childs Play

Rose Colored Reflections

Crème d’orange

Limoncello Delight

Sea Foam Breeze

Summer Creamsicle

Orange Frost

Chocolate Mint Kisses

Caribbean Chocolate


Love That Red

Midnight Autumn

Moonlight Grey

Winter Mist

Purple Pink Thunder

Sherbet Thunderstorms

Silver Oceans

Simply Blue

A Glimmer Somewhere

Midnight Sea Glass

Midnight Swim


Across Pink Skies

Teal Frost

Summer Snowflakes

Purple Lush

Monday Morning

Midnight Calm

Midnight Hunt

Coastal Mornings

Cotton Candy Autumn

Laguna Morning

Midnight Cobalt

Midnight Raspberry

Moroccan Nila

When Red Calls Your Name

PINK London Union Jack

Bleeding Springs

Burgundy Orange

Apples & Pears

African Sunset

The Beauty of Africa

Victorian Red

Pink Orgasm

Blue Thunderstorms

Warming Hearts

Take Me Away

Teal Brown Frost

Starburst Delight 3

Starburst Delight 2

Starburst Delight 1

Scattered Thoughts

Pools of Blue Tear Drops

Miss Lilys Butterfly

Burgundy Dreams

Grey Spring Falls

Chocolate Tangerine

Winter Sunset

Winter Rose Garden

Ecstasy Whispers